Microsoft Teams as a Platform Webinar

COVID-19 impacted nearly every aspect of how organizations communicate and collaborate internally and externally. Video conferencing has become the norm, but how do you drive productivity beyond the meeting and integrate the need to collaborate in real-time, analyze data, and make decisions to drive business results? Microsoft Teams is now a full-blown collaboration platform and […]

PASSMN (Minnesota SQL Server User Group)

Let’s talk about harnessing the power of the Power Platform. This session will show how to develop a Power App that easily collects feedback into a centralized location. You can alert the team when a new issue arises. We will show how to embed the Power App into the Power BI reports, reusing the app […]

Harnessing the Power of the Power Platform

Looking to realize business impact from what’s possible within the Power Platform? Join us on June 25th from 11:00-11:30 AM CDT as we take a closer look at practical applications for integrating Power Apps and Power BI to solve business problems. At this session, you’ll learn how to develop a Power App that easily collects […]

How to Secure and Govern the Power Platform: Governance, Security, CoE

The Power Platform uses a no-code/low-code approach to provide business users the ability to generate insights from data, deploy applications, create workflows, automate processes, and leverage AI. But how does your organization secure and govern this platform? Join us July 2nd from 11:00-11:30AM CDT for a closer look at best practices and capabilities designed to help […]

Milwaukee Power Platform User Group: Using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI Together!

This will focus on all #PowerPlatform technologies as well as focus on job opportunities, local news, and Power Platform in #Wisconsin and surrounding areas. Join us for our first session on August 26th, 12PM CST Calendar Invite: Link to join the meeting: We run in addition to the Power BI Brew City ( user group […]


Milwaukee Power Platform User Group: Platform Governance: Build a World Class Center of Excellence

Announcing the Milwaukee #PowerPlatform User Group || Platform Governance: Build a World-Class Center of Excellence Sept 28, 2020 | 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM CST (-6 GMT) Main Presentation: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Our speaker this month is Christopher Wagner, MBA, MVP - a local Milwaukee Microsoft Data Platform MVP! Chris will go through how to build a […]


Milwaukee SPIN: Microsoft’s Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform offers a powerful toolset for streamlining and automating repetitive tasks and paperless processes to drive efficiencies. The Power Platform is comprised of many tools and features but the main products are Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. In this presentation, we will give an overview of each product, […]


WI SharePoint User Group (WISPUG): Ignite Recap & Ask Anything Session

Ignite Recap & Ask Anything Session Wednesday, November 18, 2020 9-11a Join us virtually to hear our panel of speakers discuss the many announcements from the recent Ignite conference followed by time for open discussion during our "Ask Anything" segment. As an added benefit, we will be joined by our user group to the North, […]


A Human Centered Process | Getting the Most Out of Power Platform

Online Meeting

When looking for solutions to solve problems, we often spend time analyzing the tool itself and not the people who will ultimately use the tools. In this session, we’ll talk about putting the human backbone into technology. The process through tried and tested engagement models that are both fun and incredibly easy-to-use for documenting problems, […]

App Build in 1 Hour – Breakdown of Building an Order Fulfillment App

Online Meeting

This is your chance to learn how a Manufacturing Order Fulfillment Application was built. Join Marsurice DeVan as he runs through this amazing solution. A key component to the “Quote to Cash” process is order fulfillment. To achieve a high success rate, organizations must streamline their operations to be efficient and sustainable. Order fulfillment includes […]

Power Platform Management Models – Governing Who Owns What

Online Meeting

A guided conversation highlighting the various models to manage Power Platform (e.g. Hybrid, Centralized, Distributed) and understanding the impact of transitioning ownership of Power Platform workloads from the business to IT.

Power Apps Portals – Getting Started and Where to Begin

Online Meeting

Join us for an introduction to Power Apps Portals! Portals completes the Power Platform by allowing organizations to create interactive, external-facing websites for external users and partners. We'll introduce the Power Apps Portals and show you how to get started!

The Ultimate Guide to UX Design in Power Apps Apps

Online Meeting

The application UX is a key to better adoption. Adoption ties to revenue. This means your app UX becomes more of a product than an internal tool to help productivity. How to create an intuitive design? And what does intuitive design actually mean? In my session, I'll show you apps examples ("before-after" effect) and simple […]